unCommon Witnesses

November 26, 2017
If it ain’t true, we are to be pitied, but it is. We are unCommon because we believe something that is so astounding that it is either foolish or world…

unCommon Giving

November 19, 2017
He surprised people by who spent time with (sinners) and who he condemned (religious people) The world courts celebrities, the wealthy, and the powerful. But the unCommon followers of Christ…

unCommon Instructions

November 12, 2017
Perseverance. He didn’t tell them to stop rowing when it got hard, he just told them to cross the lake. This unCommon characteristic sets us apart.

unCommon Ministry

November 5, 2017
Ministry leaders were hungry and tired from working so hard, but Jesus pushed them even further to feed others miraculously, in his unCommon power, not their own.

unCommon Leadership

October 29, 2017
Deacon Ordination – The qualifications of a Deacon are unCommon, but they are aims for all of us. Serving others leads to the spread of the church.